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Exit Row

Lauren hates to fly but things are looking up when she ends up next to a fascinating and gorgeous woman, Natalie. They hit it off but things get off to a rough start, literally, when it looks like their plane is going to crash.

After surviving the flight, the women impulsively get married, only to decide the next day that they were a little hasty in their decision to wed. When they get an offer to appear on an online reality show, will they be able to pull it off and make everyone believe theirs really is the “feel-good” story it is featured to be? Find out in this fiendishly funny, warm romantic comedy!



Mail Order Bride

Dating in your thirties in the big city can be hard–especially if you’re a lesbian. Liz Coleman was just about to give up on love when a brainstorm hits–a mail order bride. The brainstorm turns out to be more than Liz bargained for when Svetlana arrives and utters those magical first words, “You are not man.”


Liz begins to wonder if the language barrier, complaints from her best friends Ann and Elle and not to mention trouble with Homeland Security are worth what she thought would be the perfect solution to an age-old problem. Find out what happens in this fiendishly funny, warm romantic comedy!

 West Point Women PicWest Point Women in Love

In 1976, things were about to change at the storied United States Military Academy. The first female cadets were arriving at West Point and those brave, pioneering women faced obstacles of discrimination and hostility in addition to the rigors of the Academy.

Kass Richards and Pam Watkins, members of the first class of female cadets at West Point, find themselves dealing with another issue–a growing attraction to one another. Will their love find a way to survive in the Long Gray Line?


Dear John Pic

Dames With Dames

It can be a cold, hard world for a girl on her own in 1940’s New York City. Gorgeous Dixie, who could easily be a pin-up model, is passing time as a secretary for a hard-nosed private detective in the city and hoping that something exciting will come her way. When tough girl Shirley walks in with a problem, Dixie’s hope is fulfilled beyond her wildest expectations. Quickly pulled into the action at an underground lesbian club, Dixie gets a glimpse into Shirley’s world and once that happens, there is no turning back.

Will Dixie take a chance with Shirley and disrupt her safe existence? Will Shirley risk rejection with the ingénue when she can have her pick as an early “power lesbian?” Find out in this hot romance!


Prairie Women pic

Prairie Women In Love

Enjoy PRAIRIE WOMEN IN LOVE, the first installment in the hot new lesbian romance series, Lesbian Lovers Throughout Time.It’s hard being a woman in 1870 and even harder if you happen to have feelings for another woman.But that is exactly what is happening to 20-year old Rebecca Wallis. Dropped off at her new life as a schoolteacher after a long wagon trip to Almond, Wisconsin, Rebecca meets Sarah Barton. Sarah is unlike any woman Rebecca has ever met, strong, independent, and she wears trousers!The women face a painful choice, just as life’s grandest gift has been offered to them for the first time. Will their feelings be enough to survive the challenges of being a lesbian in late 1800’s America?
Civil War Women Pic

Civil War Women in Love

 In the antebellum South, Kenda has grown up as a house slave at the Liston Plantation. Her constant companion, Jane Liston, the plantation owner’s daughter, resents her family’s status as slaveholders but in the deep south of 1860, little heed is paid to young women and even less so to their ideas.

Jane and Kenda realize that what has grown between them has eclipsed childhood friendship but each feels powerless to act on those feelings. When one of their lives is threatened, they are forced to take action…but will the course they choose bring them together at last or keep them apart forever?

best lesbian pic

Best Lesbian Erotica 2014: A Collection

Ready for some well-written lesbian erotica written by a lesbian for lesbians? This year’s collection, BEST LESBIAN EROTICA 2014, includes ten smoldering short stories that will leave you wanting more!


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